Transforming business for growth.

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Qalibre is a Christchurch-based financial and commercial advisory firm that will give clairty, focus and direction to your business.  

We partner with clients who are focused on growth, profit and wealth creation, providing the practical advice and the external perspective they need to achieve their objectives. 

The firm’s founders, Tim and Simon, have more than 25 years of financial and commercial  advisory experience between them, having dealt with an array of businesses across numerous sectors and industries. 

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We support, encourage and advise, helping you make the sound financial and commercial decisions that will transform your organisation, create a sustainable business, and drive personal success. 

We do that by listening to your needs and issues and investing the time necessary to understand your business intimately. From there, we use our experience to transform your business performance, delivering pragmatic and easy-to-understand solutions and advice to your financial and commercial challenges. 

Our ultimate goal is to partner with you, making your life easier and create peace of mind.